Multiplayer is a new website designed by gamers, for gamers. We are very community-oriented and welcome any suggestions to improve the website.

Our aim is to provide a place for gamers to organise games and matches as an "event" on a specific date, and to allow anyone to join or leave that event if they choose.

Although we also offer the ability for people to post game release dates, this is not our main function.


If you would like to contact us in person, you can speak directly to the project lead, leiger by creating a Wikidot account and sending him a private message.

Alternatively, you can contact us or use the forums to find an answer to your query.


Thanks goes to Wikidot.com, for their amazing wiki software that makes this possible, and to the Wikidot community, that collaboratively developed the first fully-functional calendar application using Wikidot — the calendar on this website is a modified version of the original.

Calendar and Forum developed by the Wikidot Community. Source code for these pages is available, contact me.