Tutorial 1 - Organise a game/match
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Tutorial 2 - Sign up for a game/match
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leigerleiger wrote on 1254218619|%e %b, %H:%M (%O ago) (Sticky)

You will need a Wikidot.com account to follow all of the steps in this tutorial.

The main reason this website is here is to help you plan ahead for an online games against other website users. This is particularly useful for games that don't support a matchmaking feature, or that require planning beforehand (joining an Xbox Live party, or swapping Nintendo DS friend codes). It's also useful for less-popular games, to avoid you being the only one online looking for a game ;-)

Let's get started.


Step 1

When organising an event like this, you are said to be creating a "match".

Return to the homepage and hover your mouse over a date on the calendar. A popup will appear showing the options that are available to you.

In this example, we wish to play a Nintendo DS game on the 10th of the month and are looking for others that are interested and can play on that date. So, click on the link that says NDS to continue.

Step 2


Your next step is to enter the relevant information.

  • For the title of the page, you should enter the game title. For example, Mario Kart DS
  • In the first section of the page content, add in the time that the game or match will begin
  • In the second section, add in anything else that you want to say


After you have done this, you should save the event. This can be done by clicking on Save or by using a keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+S

If you're not sure what you're doing, you should click on the Preview button first to see what the saved event will look like.

Step 3

After you have saved your event, you will be shown the completed event page. The next step is to sign up for your own event! Instructions on how to do that are available in a separate tutorial.


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